Who is Heidi Van Pelt? Key Facts About Taran Noah Smith’s Ex-Wife

Heidi Van Pelt is all over the news and media due to her unusual relationship with Taran Noah Smith. She and Taran had an age difference of 16 years. Continue reading to find out more about her relationship with a child actor and how her vegan restaurant came to be.

Who Is Heidi Van Pelt?

Heidi Van Pelt was born on 11 July 1968 in the state of Missouri in the Midwest of the country where she also spent her childhood. Her parents’ separation when she was a young child is the most important fact about her. She spent most of her childhood living either with her father or mother at different times. Despite the instability in their family, their mother was a pillar of support for them and gave them the go-ahead to pursue their dreams.

Both Blue Springs High School and Oak Park High School are in Missouri, where Heidi Van Pelt attended both of them. She attended Stephens College in Columbia after graduating from high school in 1986. She pursued a fashion design degree at Stephens College. Her next goal was to attend the University of Missouri, where she attempted to study German and philosophy.

However, the desire to work for the CIA sent her to the University of Washington in 1988, where she finished the university’s Russian Studies programme. The workload proved to be too much for her, and Heidi Van Pelt left after one semester.

Career Of Heidi Van Pelt

She created her own entertainment firm, Emergent Films, after leaving the University of Washington in 1988. The company was soon dissolved, and she began working on the set of films.

Heidi Van Pelt had a miserable life until she encountered a group of vegan animal rights campaigners with whom she soon became friends. She was taken in by these people, who assisted her in honing her abilities in the field of vegan catering. 

She took online classes at the American Academy of Nutrition and became certified as a Nutritional Counselor.  After that, Pelt landed a job as a nutritionist in a clinic located in Los Angeles. She later saw an unexpected opening as a vegan chef when she secured a job as the co-anchor of the radio program called “Raw Health.” She consequently co-hosted a radio programme on healthy eating and made appearances as a caterer at upscale parties in Hollywood. It was at one of these parties, where she met her future husband.

Heidi Van Pelt and Taran Noah Smith

A common friend put Pelt and Smith in touch with one another. Despite Pelt being in a relationship at the time (this was roughly 1999), they remained friends. In 2000, they reconnected, and after talking about their issues, they hit it off right away. A short while afterwards, Pelt moved in with Smith and his family after their acquaintance swiftly developed into a romantic relationship.

Smith had lied to his parents about Pelt being 16 years older than him. When she allegedly met him for the first time, he was just 14, and she was about 30. Smith is best known for portraying Mark Taylor in the TV sitcom, “Home Improvement.” The show aired from 1991 until 1999. 

The two got married when Smith was just eighteen and Heidi Van Pelt was thirty-four years old. The first time the couple tried to get married was at a time when Taran had to prove to the law that he was an adult and take control of his trust fund from which his parents had withdrawn money but which was turned down. They also co-founded ‘Playfood’, which was a vegan and organic company. It produced and sold organic cheese.

Divorce Of Heidi Van Pelt

Problems developed, and the couple split up in 2007. They split up after their affections for one another started to fade, and because of Smith’s dishonesty and heavy drinking. All of this started after they arrived in California after spending a year evading capture by the police and his parents. They fought for custody of their only child Nolan Smith and over their joint businesses, with Pelt winning both. It was a sad end, but their fans seemed to have seen it coming, as it was not a shock to them. 

Heidi Van Pelt’s Net Worth

Although Heidi Van Pelt’s actual net worth is only $300,000 at the moment, it is reasonable to infer that her successful cooking career, as well as her marriage to Taran Noah and their subsequent business partners, have greatly increased her wealth.