Who is Jacqui Swedberg? All About Wes Bentley’s Wife Age, Career, Family, Net Worth & More

Jacqui Swedberg is widely recognized as actor Wes Bentley’s wife. Wes Bentley, a BAFTA award-nominated American actor, has gained notoriety for his performances in The Hunger Games (2012), Interstellar (2014) and Yellowstone, where he portrays Jamie Dutton.

Who is Jacqui Swedberg?

Jacqui Swedberg is a renowned American associate producer and trainee director famous for her work on TV series such as Corner Gas (2007-2009) and Lullaby for Pi (2010). She is also widely known as the spouse of Wes Bently, and they are the proud parents of two children.

Jacqui’s origins and family roots are still a mystery, though it is thought she was born in America. What is more, she is so secretive about her education that it remains a mystery. Nevertheless, she appears to be a well-informed and experienced person.


The celebrity wife began her professional journey in 2006 when she was a trainee assistant director for the short-form television program Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story, as previously mentioned. She has since gone on to work as an assistant director and associate producer for TV shows.

Jacqui Swedberg is highly esteemed for her involvement in the wildly popular TV show, Corner Gas, which ran from 2007 to 2009. It was a tremendous success, with the first season in Canada drawing in an impressive 1.21 million viewers. Adored by its viewers, the last season was similarly triumphant.

Jacqui also acted as a trainee assistant director in Sleepwalking (2008) and Lullaby For Pi (2010) and was part of the additional crew on the 2010 short movie The Greims. Moreover, she was appointed as the second assistant director for an episode of Renegadepress.com (2007).

Jacqui Swedberg & Wes Bentley

Jacqui Swedberg and Bentley tied the knot on April 5, 2010. They are the proud parents of two kids; first is a son, Charles Bentley, born in late 2010, and then a daughter, Brooklyn Bentley, born in June 2014.

From 2001 until 2009, Bentley was married to actress Jennifer Quanz, who was renowned for her parts in Craving Out Our Name and Get Real. Sadly, Bentley’s drug abuse led to the end of their marriage.

In 2001, the ex-pair got married and seemed content with each other. Unfortunately, their bond deteriorated during the following years. Consequently, they split in 2006, and their marriage was legally terminated in 2009.

It was widely reported that Jacqui had been standing with Bentley since the beginning. Allegedly, when she first encountered her famous husband, who was fighting an addiction issue, she remained beside him until he was able to restore his professional reputation.

Her husband’s prolific acting career has been featured in films and TV, including 3 Nights in the Desert (2014), Broken Vows (2016), Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018), Yellowstone (2018-), and The Best of Enemies (2019).

How much is Jacqui Swedberg’s net worth in 2023?

The celebrity wife is reported to have an estimated net worth of $500k. Whereas, her husband, Wes Bentley boasts a net worth of $3 million. He has earned most of his wealth through his work as an actor. Over the years, Wes has worked on several high-profile movie and TV projects.

Who is Jacqui Swedberg? All About Wes Bentley’s Wife Age, Career, Family, Net Worth & More