Who is Marjorie Elaine Harvey: Steve Harvey’s Doting Wife of 15 Years

Steve Harvey is a name that echoes across continents. Known for his infectious humor and magnetic presence on screen and airwaves, he has carved a special place in the hearts of many. Yet, beyond the bright lights and the uproarious laughter, there exists a quieter, more intimate chapter of his life – a chapter that he reveres above all.

This chapter is dedicated to Marjorie Harvey, his cherished wife, whom he often describes as the most profound blessing life has bestowed upon him.

Their tale isn’t one of predictable Hollywood romance. It unfolded in 1990 in Memphis, amid the glow of a comedy show where Steve was the star. Marjorie entered the scene, slightly tardy, and took her seat in the front row. What happened next wasn’t a typical exchange of comedic jabs.

Instead, Steve stunned the audience with an unexpected declaration,

“I am sorry, I do not know who this is, but I am going to marry her.”

However, life had its own timetable. Their paths diverged after this initial encounter. It wasn’t until 2005 that destiny intervened again. By then, both had experienced life’s highs and lows.

Steve’s second marriage had come to a close, and his prominent sitcom, “The Steve Harvey Show,” had reached its final act. Two years of courtship solidified their connection, culminating in their wedding on June 25, 2007.

Her Journey Before Steve Harvey

Marjorie’s road to Steve Harvey was marked by her own life’s chapters. Before their stars aligned, she had walked down the aisle twice before. Her first marriage, which unfolded in the late 1990s, joined her with Jim Townsend.

Unfortunately, this marriage was shrouded in darkness, as criminal activities led to their separation, with Jim serving time behind bars. Her second marriage, to Darnell Woods, brought her three children. Yet, the details of this union remain veiled in secrecy.

Steve Harvey, too, had traversed the path of matrimony before finding solace in Marjorie’s arms. He bore the marks of two previous marriages, each contributing to his life’s narrative and shaping his identity as a father to seven children.

Marjorie’s identity extends far beyond being Steve’s partner. She is the visionary force behind “The Lady Loves Couture,” a platform that fuses fashion and lifestyle. Additionally, she stands as a co-founder of “The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation,” an entity committed to youth outreach services, educational enrichment, mentorship, and global service initiatives.

Marjorie is also a soul deeply attuned to adventure. Earning the title of “Queen of Slay-Cations,” she and Steve have scaled Australia’s Sydney Harbor Bridge, sailed the waters of the Mediterranean, embraced the vitality of the Dominican Republic, and journeyed through the heart of Italy. 2019 marked a poignant chapter, as they embarked on a pilgrimage to Ghana, tracing ancestral roots.

Other things to Know about Marjorie Elaine Harvey

Beyond the spotlight, Marjorie’s life holds intriguing revelations:

– Born on October 10, 1964, in Memphis, Marjorie’s mother is Doris BriCarrer, while her father’s identity remains a mystery.
– Although she embarked on a journey at the University of Memphis, academic challenges led her away from the academic path.
– Both her previous husbands were entangled in criminal activities. Her first husband, Jim L. Townsend, faced imprisonment due to cocaine smuggling.
– Steve’s proposal unfolded in Mexico, within the intimacy of a private room nestled in a wine cellar in Cabo.
– Marjorie’s endeavors extended to comedy, mirroring Steve Harvey’s comedic talents.
– In 2019, Marjorie was honored with the title of Woman of Excellence by the Ladylike Foundation, a recognition of her philanthropic contributions.
– In the face of divorce rumors, Marjorie firmly stated, “We’re good – always. We’re prayed up, prayers work, and we’re covered.”
– Recently, Steve Harvey penned a heartfelt letter commemorating their 15th anniversary, expressing his profound gratitude for the transformation she brought into his life.