Who is Miguel Gallego Arambula? All You Need To Know About Mexican Singer Luis Miguel’s Son

Miguel Gallego Arámbula is the eldest child of the famous Mexican singer Luis Miguel. His mother, Aracely Arámbula, is also a renowned vocalist and actress. Though he is from a celebrity family, his mother has always strived to keep him away from the media attention.

The public’s interest in Miguel’s life grew after he was nowhere to be seen in Luis Miguel’s Netflix documentary titled Luis Miguel: The Series, which was released in 2018.

Miguel Gallego Arambula Profile Details

Full name: Miguel Gallego Arámbula

Nickname: Miguelito

Birth Place: Los Angeles

Birthday: January 1, 2007

Age: 16 years

Zodiac: Capricorn

Nationality: American and Mexican

Ethnicity: Latino

Father: Luis Miguel

Mother: Aracely Arámbula

Siblings: Brother- Daniel, Half-sister- Michelle Salas

Height: 5’9″

Eye color: Dark Brown

Hair color: Black

Sexuality: Straight

Miguelito Gallego was brought into this world on January 1, 2007, with his parents Luis and Aracely at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was delivered by c-section, weighing a total of 6lbs and 12oz and measuring 20 inches in height.

Miguel Gallego Arambula holds a number of nationalities. His American nationality is mainly due to his place of birth being the United States, and his Mexican nationality is from his parents’ homeland. Miguel is a part of the Latino ethnic group.

Miguel Gallego Arambula’s Parents

Miguel’s father, Luis Miguel is also known as El Sol de Mexico (The Sun of Mexico). He is a famous Mexican singer who was engaged to Miguel’s mother Aracely, and had two kids with her. Despite their engagement and two kids, the couple never tied the knot.

On the other hand, Miguel’s mother Aracely is a well-known Mexican vocalist and actor. She was born on March 6, 1975, in Chihuahua City, Mexico. Her parents Manuel Arambula and Socorro Jacques are both of Mexican descent. Aracely also has an older brother named Leonardo Arambula.

In 2005, Aracely and Luis made their debut as a couple when they were spotted out and about in Venice. Within the next year, their relationship developed, and soon, everyone was talking about them, but they always maintained their privacy.

Even though the exact date of their engagement is not known, it is known that they exchanged rings prior to the birth of their first child. Sadly, in 2009, they ended their relationship without getting married.


Miguel Gallego Arambala has a younger sibling named Daniel Gallego Arambala. Daniel was born on December 18, 2008, in Beverly Hills, California, USA, just prior to his older brother Miguel’s second birthday. He has dual citizenship in both Mexico and the U.S.A., and his heritage is from South America, the same as his elder sibling Miguel.

Since Luis and Aracely parted ways in 2009, Daniel spent the least time with his father compared to his elder brother Miguel Gallego Arambula.

It seems that Daniel is following in the same footsteps as his parents with regard to their artistic abilities. This was made evident when his mother recently posted a clip of him singing along to a Justin Timberlake song.

Miguel also has a half-sister named Michelle Salas from his father’s previous relationship. However, there isn’t much information available regarding her whereabouts.

Is Miguel Gallego Arambala Still In Touch With His Father Luis Miguel?

In 2009, Luis abandoned the Arámbula children when they were still young. After this, they moved to Mexico with their mother and have not seen their dad again since.

Aracely initiated a court battle in September 2013 as a result of Luis’ irregular payments of child support. After two years, Miguel Gallego Arambula’s mother divulged the truth about his father’s lack of involvement with his children. She spoke to TVNotas regarding her kids’ relationship with her father stating,

Hopefully the day that he (El Sol de Mexico) wishes to recover the lost time, it won’t be too late.

She further mentioned that her kids do not see their biological father as a father figure.

I never talk bad about their father, but as time passes by and he doesn’t look for them, they don’t see him as a father.

Aracely mentioned that her sons look to their grandfather and maternal uncle in a paternal way, as they have been supported and cared for by their entire maternal family since they were born.

Moreover, it was Aracely who had requested to keep her and her kids out of Nerflix’s documentary. Miguel Gallego Arambula’s mother contacted the legal station and asked them to omit any involvement in the documentary.

She told Hola magazine that rather than having someone else recount her life, she would rather tell her story herself. The Mexican vocalist also expressed her desire to release a book about their life.

“It is a very beautiful story; I would like a book of memories. First of all, my children will know it, they already know it.”

Who is Miguel Gallego Arambula? All You Need To Know About Mexican Singer Luis Miguel’s Son