Who Is Naomi Ross? Say Hello To Adin Ross’s Famous Sister

Naomi Ross is a model, actress, entertainer and also the elder sister of popular Twitch streamer, Adin Ross. The two got famous and popular while live-streaming them playing NBA 2K. Although Naomi Ross has appeared on Twitch and has a Twitch account, she streams much less frequently than her brother. Despite the fact that she is Adin’s sister, she rose to recognition through her Instagram modelling shots.

Who Is Naomi Ross?

Naomi Ross, who was born on November 1st, 1995, into a Christian family in Florida, USA. Naomi’s parent’s names are not disclosed to the public. While Adin, her brother, enjoys a massive fan following of his own, Naomi Ross is no less than him. The two siblings have actually commenced their careers together and are known for their NBA 2k streaming on Twitch.

Naomi completed her education at a university in the USA, where she graduated with a degree in acting. She started her career as a model and actress and has appeared in many commercials, magazines and TV shows. She has over 200K followers on her Onlyfans account.

Naomi Ross was first noticed in one of Adin’s prank videos on YouTube. Naomi steadily increased her own fanbase on Twitch and Instagram as Adin Ross’ popularity soared. She continues to stream often and is highly active on social media. Naomi Ross has 141K Instagram followers, which is a sizable fan base like that of her brother. She has collaborated with various brands such as Fashion Nova and became a well known figure in beauty and skin care industry.

How Did Naomi Ross Get So Popular?

While Naomi Ross has mostly avoided controversy until recently, Adin Ross is a very well-known figure in the realm of controversy. Adin moved into a content house in 2021 together with a large number of other Twitch streamers and online stars. Adin joined the Clout Gang 2.0 collective along with FaZe Banks, Mike Majlak, Sommer Ray and RiceGum. The house was intended to be a place for streamers to get together and create content, but the group was followed by controversies surrounding gambling and cryptocurrencies. One of them was Zias, a well-known YouTuber and former football player with whom Adin didn’t get along well.

Things got more dicey for Ross when his sister Naomi showed up at the house and began getting cozy with Zias.  Adin Ross, who was upset by the entire situation, went on Instagram live to inform his fans that he had observed Naomi and Zias having a private time and that he wasn’t happy about it.

Later that day, it was discovered that Adin’s attempts to be intimate with Naomi Ross and Zias were merely a practical joke. Fans continue to believe that the two had genuine chemistry despite this clarification. As a result, Naomi found herself in the spotlight.

The truth is that Adin Ross’ sister Naomi started an Onlyfans career as her business venture and she did sign up for an account on the subscription-based site. Naomi’s Onlyfans subscription is currently set to $15,000 per month. 

About Adin Ross

Although Adin and Naomi Ross began streaming together while playing NBA 2K, Adin is also well-known for placing significant bets on his Grand Theft Auto games. He streams almost every night and stands out for his boisterous demeanour and sarcastic sense of humour. Adin’s ability to make his followers feel like friends rather than just an online celebrity is one of his many appealing qualities. Adin started making famous friends through his Twitch feeds and YouTube channel when his videos gained some popularity in the 2K community.

Adin is also known for streaming with rappers like Tee Grizzley, as Adin sees collabs with rappers as a mutually beneficial opportunity for self-promotion.