Who’s the Perfect Morty? Top Picks for a ‘Rick and Morty’ Live Action Star

The Search for the Perfect Morty: Who Should Star in a “Rick and Morty” Live-Action?

“Wubba lubba dub dub!” The catchphrase resonates with fans of the adult animated science fiction sitcom, “Rick and Morty”. Ever since its inception in 2013, the show has skyrocketed in popularity, cementing its position as a cultural phenomenon. Fans have been treated to multiple seasons of interdimensional escapades, with Morty often caught in the middle of his grandpa Rick’s reckless adventures. As the show’s audience swells, rumors and wishes for a live-action adaptation bubble up.

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A Tease or Reality? Live-action Rick and Morty

When Adult Swim, the network behind “Rick and Morty”, teased fans with live-action clips of Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell as Rick and Morty respectively in 2021, it set the internet abuzz. While this was framed as a promotional stunt for the season 5 finale, it inevitably sparked speculation and wish-lists. If Warner Bros. Discovery decided to embark on this ambitious journey, who should be considered for the vital role of Morty Smith?

Actors Ready to Embark on Interdimensional Adventures

Jaeden Martell

Most known for his portrayal of young Bill Denbrough in the horror hit “It”, Jaeden has displayed a talent for playing characters with depth and evolution. Bill’s journey from a stuttering boy to someone who confronts Pennywise mirrors Morty’s growth. Given that Martell has already donned the iconic yellow t-shirt in the aforementioned Adult Swim clip, he’s a fan-favorite.

Jacob Tremblay

Jacob’s accolades from films like “Wonder” and “Room” showcase his adaptability. With his experience in voice-over roles, such as in “Luca”, Tremblay could be a prime candidate to give life to Morty’s anxious demeanor.

Asa Butterfield

Recognizable from Netflix’s “Sex Education” as Otis, Asa Butterfield brings a quirky charm that would fit Morty. The actor’s ability to navigate between awkwardness and assertiveness parallels Morty’s journey in the animated series.

Noah Schnapp

Thanks to “Stranger Things”, Noah Schnapp has become a household name. Playing Will Byers, he’s familiar with portraying characters in extraordinary situations. His deep dive into darker areas of acting could be intriguing for a more sinister Morty arc.

Wyatt Oleff

Wyatt’s impressive résumé boasts roles in “It” and “I Am Not Okay With This”. His diverse roles span from a young Peter Quill in “Guardians of the Galaxy” to Rumpelstiltskin in “Once Upon a Time”. Such diversity positions Oleff as a promising Morty.

Gaten Matarazzo

Gaten, best known as Dustin from “Stranger Things”, offers a vibrant energy. His Broadway stints, including roles in “Les Misérables”, illustrate his dynamic range which could breathe life into Morty’s character.

August Maturo

August has balanced between the fun of Disney’s “Girl Meets World” and the intensity of horror films. Such tonal shifts echo the contrasting moods of “Rick and Morty”.

Mace Coronel

From starring in kid-centric shows to displaying comedic timing in “That 90’s Show”, Mace’s career trajectory aligns with Morty’s mix of innocence and humor.

Noah Jupe

Noah’s roles in films like “A Quiet Place” and “Honey Boy” cement his position as a compelling actor. His performances exude an intensity, making him an exciting contender for the role.


While a full-blown live-action adaptation remains a dream for now, the potential roster for Morty Smith is packed with talented actors. Whether we’ll see any of these faces yelling, “Aw geez, Rick!” on the big screen remains to be seen. Until then, the multiverse awaits.