Why Daryl Dixon’s Zombies in ‘The Walking Dead’ Are Different and Who’s Behind It?

Unearthing the Origins of France’s Zombie Variants

In the world of The Walking Dead, nothing remains static for long, and the realm of zombies is no exception. The debut of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon has sparked intrigue as it introduced the Burners – a grotesque version of the undead with acidic properties. This new chapter not only intensifies the struggle for survival but adds layers of mystery to the zombies’ origins.

Daryl Dixon, portrayed by Norman Reedus, stumbles upon these chilling Burners at the beginning of the series. Yet, what raises eyebrows is Isabelle’s revelation that France houses multiple kinds of these flesh-eating horrors.

“Isabelle calls these Brûlants or Burners and we have yet to see how this specific variant came to be, but based on the conversation between the French scientist and her attacker it seems that human intervention may be its source.”

Piecing Together the Zombie Variant Puzzle

As fans dig deeper, it becomes evident that The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon isn’t the first spinoff to touch upon France’s eerie zombie lore. The Walking Dead: World Beyond offered a post-credits scene that was both a revelation and a tease. It not only displayed a newer breed of zombies, ones that were faster and more aggressive in the heart of Paris, but it also hinted at the potential birthplace of the apocalyptic virus.

The dialogue between a French scientist and her assailer, hinting at the human-centric origin of the virus, made fans wonder:

“Did the end really begin in France?”

The Hands Behind the Horror

If one delves into The Walking Dead universe’s expansive lore, there’s a subtle hint pointing towards human-made origins. The post-credits of The Walking Dead: World Beyond alludes to French scientists possibly playing God and inadvertently creating the zombie plague. Dr. Jenner’s mention of these variants reaffirms the belief that they’ve been in existence since the very beginning of the end.

However, a more sinister hypothesis is brewing. The Cause, introduced as the antagonists of Daryl Dixon’s new journey, might be meddling in more than just survival. These experiments, originally meant to find a cure for the harrowing virus, might have inadvertently birthed these variants.

As AMC sprinkles clues suggesting humans’ involvement in the zombie variant creation, it’s evident that Daryl’s latest journey might unveil not only the progression but perhaps the very inception of the zombie apocalypse.

It’s a dark world out there, and as Daryl plunges deeper into the heart of the mystery, viewers can’t help but be on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next piece of the puzzle. The Walking Dead Universe continues to expand, and with it, the thirst for answers only grows.