Why Every Dragon Ball Super Fan Needs to Read the Manga: New Chapters, Surprises, and Beyond the Anime

Fans of the Dragon Ball franchise know how to keep their fandom alive. While the anime steals most of the limelight, the manga of Dragon Ball Super has steadily built up a dedicated readership. This is no mere substitute for the animated series but a rich narrative universe in its own right. Authored by the venerable Akira Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotarou, the manga delves into familiar events from the anime but isn’t afraid to veer off course.

“There’s never been a better time to check out Dragon Ball Super’s manga and it’s quite easy to make the jump after learning a few key details.”

A Calendar Affair: Monthly Manga Release Schedule

Manga releases can be notoriously erratic. Unlike their televised counterparts, they don’t have the luxury of a consistent weekly schedule. But worry not, Dragon Ball Super fans. The manga has settled into a surprisingly stable routine. Except for occasional hiatuses—which let’s be honest, even creative minds need—new chapters drop around the 20th or 21st of every month at 11 am EST.

Dragon Ball Super’s manga has occasionally taken breaks so that both Toriyama and Toyotarou have time to properly plan their next story arc instead of foolishly rushing forward without a set outline.”

Unlocking the Manga Magic: Why Dragon Ball Super Fans Can’t Miss Out

Where to Find Your Next Dragon Ball Fix

Accessibility can be a hurdle when it comes to manga. Fortunately, Dragon Ball Super has broken down those barriers. You don’t have to scour obscure websites to get your monthly fix. Viz Media, a stalwart supporter of the Dragon Ball franchise, offers chapters in English on their website. For those who like options, Shueisha’s Manga Plus service is another platform where you can read the latest Dragon Ball Super chapters simultaneously with Japan’s release.

“These helpful services have broken down barriers and made Dragon Ball Super’s manga as accessible as possible.”

New Chapters, New Surprises: The Dragon Ball Super Manga Experience

The Long Road Ahead: Chapter Milestones

If you think the Dragon Ball Super universe is close to wrapping up, think again. Currently clocking in at Chapter 97, which translates to 21 collected volumes, the manga is far from its final act. To put this into perspective, the original Dragon Ball ran for 194 chapters, while Dragon Ball Z stretched out for a whopping 325 chapters.

“It’s an exciting possibility that grandiose transformations like Ultra Instinct, Ultra Ego, and Gohan Beast are just the start of something greater rather than these characters’ final forms.”

What Lies Beyond the Anime

For fans who can’t get enough of Dragon Ball Super’s anime, the manga has your back. Starting from Chapter 43, titled “Joining the Galactic Patrol,” you can delve into post-anime story arcs. Yes, you heard it right; there’s more to the tale than the Tournament of Power.

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“It’s remarkable that Dragon Ball Super’s manga has reached a point where there’s more post-anime content than what’s covered in the anime’s 131 episodes.”

A Saga Unfolding: The “Super Hero” Arc

Adapting from the recent anime feature, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the manga is in the thick of its seventh major story arc. Those who have seen the movie and are waiting to know what happens next in the manga are in for a bit of a wait. The Super Hero arc is still unfolding, with the latest being Chapter 97.

Beyond the Anime: What the Manga Offers That the Show Doesn’t

Is the Manga Ready for Prime Time?

Dragon Ball Super’s manga has become more than just a sideline attraction; it’s a main event that fans look forward to every month. With big battles against the likes of Planet-Eater Moro, Granolah, and the Heeter Force yet to be animated, the manga continues to serve as a treasure trove of captivating stories.

“As it stands, these remain captivating stories that are exclusive to Toriyama and Toyotarou’s manga.”

In a world that often favors watching over reading, it’s a testament to Dragon Ball Super’s manga that it has garnered such a strong following. With the anticipation for the upcoming chapters and the many more exciting twists and turns to come, one thing’s for sure—this manga is going Super!