Why wearing leggings on a plane is never a good idea because it could be deadly

Leggings and yoga trousers are the clear winners when choosing a comfortable yet fashionable airport outfit for many female travelers. However, an aviation expert claims they are among the riskiest items passengers could don in an emergency aboard.

The terrifying reason why one should never wear leggings on an aircraft was recently disclosed by aviation journalist Christine Negroni, who also issued a warning against taking off one’s shoes while in the air and is the author of a book on the world’s most mysterious air disasters titled “The Crash Detectives.” The expert warned The Sun that “you might have to escape through a cabin fire, or there could be a different fire on the ground once you leave the aircraft.”

‘Everyone is wearing yoga pants on planes now.’

Negroni added that since synthetic fibers are more likely to hurt and stick to human skin, travelers should avoid wearing them. Everyone now wears yoga pants on airplanes, but the journalist added, “I avoid all artificial fibers because they are more likely to burn and stick to you if there is a fire.” “I’d suggest wearing cotton or any other natural fiber clothing.” She advises against doing other things on an aircraft during a crash, though, in addition to this.

Negroni advised people to keep their sneakers on while flying and not to remove them. “Putting on shoes for takeoff and landing is among the best things individuals can do. Many airlines still do not demand this, and in my opinion, they should. You won’t want to be wearing bare feet if you flee an aircraft because the ground could be extremely hot or cold, covered in oil, on fire, or even in a cornfield.

Pick sneakers over high heels.

The flight specialist also suggested avoiding baggy clothing in favor of fitted dresses. “Generally, it is best to be cautious. She continued to choose tight-fitting clothing over loose-fitting, natural fibers over synthetic, and shoes over high heels. Flip-flops are also inappropriate footwear due to this, according to the source, as flyers prefer sturdy trainers. Additionally, it is advantageous to be well-prepared at crucial junctures while flying. According to a study, takeoff, and landing are when fatal aircraft accidents occur most frequently, indicating that passengers were not always ready at these times.

Conversely, it’s best to avoid wearing jeans or trainers if you want a more enjoyable journey in First Class. “Smart but understated,” remarked one flight employee. It helps if you appear as though you move frequently. If someone is not outfitted appropriately, they may not receive an upgrade even though they may be eligible. “No jeans or sneakers,” a different flight attendant continued, “so I always wear tight black trousers and a blazer or a dress. According to Who What Wear, men typically dress in chinos or pants with a shirt.

Why wearing leggings on a plane is never a good idea because it could be deadly