Will Attack on Titan get an Alternate Ending After Final Season 4 Part 3?

Attack on Titan’s final season is speculated to be released by the end of this year. The manga fans were not satisfied with the ending and were hoping that the anime might have a different ending planned. The creator and mangaka, Hajime Isamaya, has also expressed his desire to change the ending of the anime to something the fans will not be so disappointed with.

Attack on Titan final season poster.

Attack on Titan manga ending

At the conclusion of the Attack on Titan series, it is discovered that the Titans are not only a threat to humanity, but they are also a product of a tragic history and manipulation by powerful forces.

Eren Yeager, the protagonist, plays a pivotal role in the story’s climax. It is revealed that Eren has been orchestrating a plan to eradicate the Titans and bring freedom to Eldia, the nation within the walls. He unleashes the Rumbling, an apocalyptic event where colossal Titans march across the world, destroying everything in their path.

Throughout the story, Eren’s friends and comrades struggle with his actions and their own roles in the conflict. The manga delves into themes of morality, sacrifice, and the cyclical nature of violence. Ultimately, Eren’s plan leads to devastating consequences, forcing his friends to confront him and make difficult choices. In the final battle, Eren faces off against his childhood friend, Armin, and Mikasa, who has harboured strong feelings for him. The emotional confrontation results in Eren’s death, as he succumbs to his injuries.

mikasa in attack on titan is so funny cause the troop will be in the middle of the battliefield friends dying left and right meanwhile she professing her love to eren like ????????????

— Peña Idk (@CrownedBrown) November 24, 2022

After the battle, the remaining characters work towards rebuilding and establishing a peaceful world. The story ends with a glimpse into the future, where the characters have grown older and have families of their own. The Attack on Titan manga concludes on a note of hope, suggesting that, despite the immense challenges they faced, humanity can find a way to move forward and learn from the mistakes of the past.

The ending of the Attack on Titan manga has sparked discussions and interpretations among fans, exploring its themes, symbolism, and the complex character development that took place throughout the series. Not all fans were satisfied with the ending.

I really hope the final episodes of Attack on Titan! Are not as freaking bad as the Manga ending was! Talk about a waste of time! Collecting all those Manga Books! Only to see Eren end up headless in Mikasa’s arms & buried under a tree haha #AttackonTitanpic.twitter.com/RPEcjfiNRK

— Retro-Cheating ???? (@RetroCheating) August 9, 2023

One of the main criticisms was that it could be read as an endorsement of fascism, and there were also complaints about rushed storytelling and a lack of resolution for certain plot points. However, not all Attack on Titan fans agree with this statement.

I think it’s really funny that Attack on titan constantly just has the stupidest people thinking this is pro racism and facism
It’s like their reading comprehension is so stunted they interpret them literally saying “nah. i was wrong this is fucked” as bad pic.twitter.com/RGAl2alTB2

— Snoozie (@SuzySnoozie) January 16, 2022

Will the ending be changed for the anime?

Apart from Isamaya expressing his wish to change the ending for the Attack of Titan anime, there has been no official announcement from MAPPA, the studio making the anime. All fans can do for now is wait for the final part of the anime to be released and hope their wish is fulfilled. However, this is not stopping fans from speculating about how the ending can be changed in the anime. Some of the famous theories include

1. A Peaceful Resolution: Instead of continuing to pursue violence and warfare, the characters find a diplomatic solution with the Titans and other nations, fostering peace and understanding. This ending would focus on the power of communication and cooperation rather than further bloodshed.

I just wanted to give Eren, Mikasa and Armin the peaceful afternoon they deserve. #AotFinalSeason #AttackOnTitan #ShingekiNoKyojin #eremika #arminarlert pic.twitter.com/fIMC63lUA4

— Sa✨ COMMISSIONS OPEN (@sasketches) January 19, 2022

2. Time Loop Twist: The story gradually reveals that the events in the series were caught in a time loop, and the characters have been repeating the same events over and over again. This ending could introduce new possibilities for the characters to break free from the loop and change their fate.

attack on titan is either in a time loop or has 2 parallel universes, I promise you

— zєяσ???? (@szerozs) March 10, 2021

3. Eren’s Redemption: At the end of Attack on Titan, Eren realizes the consequences of his actions and seeks redemption. He works towards a resolution that brings about unity among the characters, fostering forgiveness and growth. Although many fans believe that no matter what a character like Eren does not deserve a redemption arc. 

If Attack on Titan ends with some sort of “redemption” or “saving” of Eren I am going to be LIVID.

— Vince Allen (@vinceallen30) April 3, 2022

4. A Twist on the True Enemy: The Attack on Titan series could unveil a surprise twist, revealing that the true enemy is not the Titans, but a different force that manipulated events to create conflict. This ending could explore themes of hidden agendas and the search for the absolute truth.

What do you think of these theories? Do you think the ending of Attack on Titan will change? Let us know in the comment box below.