‘Will Trent’ Season 2 Begins Filming, ABC Fans Excited for New Episode Release

ABC’s hit procedural crime drama ‘Will Trent’ is gearing up for its much-anticipated second season, promising to continue its captivating storytelling and intricate character development. The first season, centered around the dyslexic foster care product Will Trent, played by Ramón Rodriguez, has set a high bar, boasting an impressive 89% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a steadily growing audience.

The Journey of ‘Will Trent’

The series chronicles the life of Will Trent, a GBI (Georgie Bureau of Investigation) agent, as he leverages his hyper-observational skills to unravel high-profile cases. This unique character and his compelling narrative captured viewers’ attention, ensuring the show’s renewal for a second season even before the first batch of episodes concluded.

Production Progress and Network Moves

Recent updates from Deadline and The Wrap reveal that ‘Will Trent‘ is slated to begin its Season 2 production in early December. This news follows the resolution of the writers’ and actors’ strikes, setting the stage for a smooth production process. Interestingly, ‘9-1-1,’ another acclaimed series, is also resuming production, transitioning from Fox to ABC, highlighting the network’s commitment to quality drama.Recalling the timeline of Season 1, which commenced filming in October 2022 and premiered on January 3, 2023, it’s evident that the show’s production team can operate within tight schedules, a promising sign for the upcoming season.

Predicting the Premiere of Season 2

Considering the efficiency demonstrated in Season 1’s production, and based on Deadline’s insights regarding network scheduling trends, fans can reasonably expect ‘Will Trent‘ Season 2 to hit the screens by March 2024. This prediction aligns with the industry’s push for mid-February to early March premieres for shortened seasons.

Cast Continuity and Plot Development

The upcoming season is expected to see the return of the primary cast, with Ramón Rodriguez leading the ensemble. The show’s writers are reportedly delving deep into developing the storyline, crafting the next chapter in Agent Trent’s journey. This development phase is crucial, as it will dictate the direction and tone of the new season.

We’re just as emotional as the first time ❤️ Thanks for watching the Summer of Will with us! pic.twitter.com/kksJsV5ekE

— Will Trent (@WillTrentABC) September 10, 2023

In Conclusion

Will Trent‘ Season 2 promises to be an exciting continuation of a series that has quickly established itself as a fan favorite. With a dedicated cast and crew, and a network that supports its vision, the show is poised to deliver another season of intriguing crime-solving and character exploration. As fans eagerly await its return, they can rest assured that the team behind ‘Will Trent’ is committed to maintaining the high standards set by its inaugural season.

‘Will Trent’ Season 2 Begins Filming, ABC Fans Excited for New Episode Release