Xbox Scores Early Access to ARK’s Next Chapter: Survival Ascended

In the ever-evolving world of console gaming, anticipation and exclusivity can generate a wave of excitement among players. Studio Wildcard rides this wave, confirming that the much-anticipated “ARK: Survival Ascended” is set to grace the Xbox platform before its PS5 counterpart. This new chapter aims to enhance the formidable legacy of “ARK: Survival Evolved,” which has captivated a vast player base, peaking at over 150,000 concurrent players.

A New Frontier for ARK Enthusiasts

“ARK: Survival Evolved” has not only sustained a vibrant community through regular updates but has also spawned a remodel in the form of “ARK: Survival Ascended.” As the title entered early access on PC, it divided the community between those loyal to the original and the adventurers ready to embrace the new. With the PC version’s early access already underway, the developers are tying up the last few loose ends in preparation for the console journey.

“ARK: Survival Ascended is set to build on the foundations laid by ARK: Survival Evolved,” the developers shared in the recent Community Crunch. The commitment to enriching the gameplay experience is palpable as the early access on PC sets the stage for the console releases.

The Xbox Advantage

Xbox Series X/S enthusiasts have a date to circle on their calendars: November 14. The developers promise a seamless experience that mirrors the PC’s build, with cross-platform play enabled from day one. “Cross-platform play with PC Steam gamers will be enabled on release,” the developers confirmed, underlining the interconnected gaming experience that awaits Xbox players. The establishment of console-specific servers also ensures that gamers who prefer to remain within the console ecosystem can indulge without crossplay.

PlayStation Players Exercise Patience

While Xbox players prepare to dive in, the PS5 community is marked by a period of waiting, with the promise of availability by the end of November. “We’re hoping to have a more precise date to share with you soon as we’re currently finalizing this with Sony,” the Studio Wildcard team explained, ensuring that the wait will be worthwhile with enhanced server rates to expedite player progress.

The Hurdles Along the Way

Despite the anticipation, “ARK: Survival Ascended” has not been immune to criticism. The game’s nascent state has led to review bombing due to the plethora of bugs and glitches that plague it. “While many early players still recommend ARK: Survival Ascended, it’s a consensus that the game is full of bugs and glitches,” reflects the community’s sentiment, echoing the teething problems “ARK: Survival Evolved” experienced during its early access phase.

Commitment to Improvement

Amidst the challenges, Studio Wildcard remains steadfast in enhancing player experience, as evidenced by their prolific output of patches. From addressing server crashes and dino spawn issues to optimizing server performance and improving security, their proactive stance is evident. “We’ve made a number of performance improvements… This should improve the player experience and help make servers more accessible for everyone,” the developers state, showcasing their dedication to the game’s evolution.

An Unreal Evolution

“ARK: Survival Ascended” doesn’t just aim to extend the lifespan of its predecessor; it seeks to redefine it. Migrating to Unreal Engine 5, it boasts not just a visual overhaul but also positions itself as the definitive edition by including the expansions. Studio Wildcard’s commitment to its audience is manifest in its continuous pursuit of a superior gaming experience.

Released on October 26, 2023, “ARK: Survival Ascended” is available on PC, and imminently, on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, with a PS5 release following closely behind.

The gaming landscape is ever-changing, and Studio Wildcard’s latest endeavor with “ARK: Survival Ascended” showcases their intent to not just participate but to lead the way in this dynamic industry.

Xbox Scores Early Access to ARK’s Next Chapter: Survival Ascended